Fallout: Baton Rouge

Atomic Clock
road to the vault

The Junk in the Trunk merchant company work to establish trade routes between Villa Libre and Vault 55. The Tarheel territory an aggressive obstacle in their way.

The Shopping Trip Pt 1

After returning home from Big Mamma’s House, The Freak Show enjoyed the spoils of that adventure by going to the Ghoul Fraternity next door for movie night. They were a bit shocked the the Show shared sweet tea and Wheeler pecan pie with them. They broke out some booze and some pretty awful weed, so Kaspar had to go get some of his and ended up offering to do their weed shopping for them so they could have something better than skag.

The following day, they group had a long discussion about what to do next. The car ended up being a long way off, much to Kaspar’s chagrin. Questions were asked around the college and while Kaspar harbors a tremendous desire to join the Brotherhood of Rust one day and ABEL is all about taking out Fenwood Hills who are currently skirmishing with the Brotherhood, it was decided that a great deal more preparation would be needed to accomplish that.

And even Kaspar recognizes that when someone says preparation, it always means caps.

A couple of jobs presented themselves. The first, somewhat less lucrative job, was a hospital supply run over at The Lady in the Lake hospital. The second, paying far, far more was a job to go to a library and get some computer chip for the college. The Freak Show devised a route to do both in a single run. Serena managed to navigate a good route, cutting the time down significantly, but they almost ran smack into an ambush.

The eight raiders managed to do some pretty significant wounds to ABEL and Louise. ABEL was able to fix himself up and Kaspar was able to patch up Louise, so they were able to enter the hospital as full strength as wastelanders are likely to get.

Inside, they immediately sensed some feral ghouls and it quickly devolved into a fight, Louise leading the charge in exterminating the gruesome, mindless creatures.

Big Mamma's House

The Freak Show moved into a house close to the ghoul fraternity. The neighbors were pretty darn gracious, what with lending tools and inviting the group over for movie night. Kaspar claimed the basement of the house for his own, now officially the stoner in the basement. The Super Mutant is the security system on the main level and the rest have spots up in the second floor.

After a few days of domestic bliss, the Freak Show decided to make a delivery. It was a pretty straight forward deal, take some stuff and drop said stuff off. On the way, they ran into some beat up sorts that were bitching and moaning about their cousin/brother/something being hauled off by robots. Robot parts are good caps, so we took off after them. We shot the metal heaps up and saved the young Super Mutant, delivering the wounded back to the family that they were making the delivery to.

It was an interesting little Clan. Seems that Super Mutants can actually birth more Supermutants on occasion. Kaspar was pretty intrigued by that revelation, although he wasn’t about to let on. He figures he’ll slip off and maybe talk with Big Momma about… certain services at another time.

Who are you?
We're the people with the guns

After returning from a scouting mission, the Coach asked Kasper to go help out a rag tag bunch of former carvaaneers in helping freeing some captured folks. He’s a quick sort, so catching up with them wasn’t too difficult. He observed them from afar for a time, until he heard them thinking they might need lockpicks to get the kidnapees out of the cages.

If he were prone to retrospect, he might realize that he’s probably fortunate to be alive, what with sneaking up on a Super Mutant, Ghoul, Robodog, and woman with a damn Yao Guai. They didn’t kill him though, so no use in wasting time and brain cells on such deeper musings.

The group had a pretty complex plan that made the boy’s head spin some, with putting out fires and some machine precise plan. Kasper, unwilling to cotton on to the fact that he’s not so good with complexity, piped up with a simpler one that amounted to: Why don’t I go yonder, fire a few shots, get their attention, and when they come at me, you all get ’em?

The plan worked out pretty well. The Freak Show, as he affectionately thinks of the group, didn’t take any casualties, but the Scaly Cult wound up deadified. After harassing the folks that they rescued a little, Kasper went about looting the bodies while the rest of the Show picked the area clean. They managed a pretty sizable haul all said. By far one of the largest paydays Kaspar had seen in a while.

Combined with the reward from Coach, he was rolling in caps… which he promptly spent on camo and weed. In his defense, he did get a whole six-pack of Nuka Cola with the weed. That’s a far better way to make a better impression than sneaking up on the Freak Show. Everyone loves Nuka Cola after all. Except maybe robot dogs. Sadly, he couldn’t afford the gasoline or quart of oil, but he did hear of a pretty sweet area to scav from. With a steady supply of robot parts, he might even be able to make inroads with the Brotherhood of Rust.

And So It Begins
*as written by Serena Maverick

In the Beginning

The day began like any other. The caravan awakening, breaking our fast, and setting out on our chosen path. But there all similarities end. We were met with bullets and explosions just shy of our destination and with that came blood and death and many lives were lost.

Though, through fate or through luck or through what you will, we were saved by the good samaritians of Vila Libre. A question was asked and aide requested. Now we have choices to make. Perhaps lives to save. We wander about town, asking our questions, buying our gear, and in the end we chose to be the Heroes.

So the five of us set out upon our chosen path.

A ghoul, Louise, whose attitude reflects the life they are forced to live, bitter and resentful of those who believe that ghouls belong beneath us, though I know the truth to be opposite. Ghouls, like any human, often prove to be most valuable of given the chance.

A super mutant, Marty Graw, the first I have ever met but have found that he is more likely to aid a traveler in trouble than most of us ever would. Perhaps he is unique, but I would like to believe differently.

A robot dog, Able, that has proven to be smarter than the average human. Very pragmatic and straight forward. Again, a first, and I look forward to getting better acquainted.

A yoa goi, Chance, something many look at fear but for me is a source of joy, a friend that came to me in my darkest hour.
And then me, Serena. A human.

I should feel out of place. I should feel like I do not belong. At least that is how it usually works when I find I must travel with companions. But for the first time in my many travels I find that this is not the case. Even with all their quirks and oddities, I find that what most would consider freaks or experiments are more human than most humans with whom my path has crossed.

But then again, our time has just begun. Perhaps this will change. Or perhaps, for a time, I will have some sort of a family. United through choice. And what will be our first adventure? Will we survive it? And what new thing will we learn in this world that has been changed, altered, corrupted by the foolishness of man?
Muddy waters
First game

Billy Holiday’s “Good morning heartache” plays

A merchant caravan from up north rolls down the Mississippi river. Wares slated for whatever civilizations that will welcome them. Our heroes ride along contracted as guards for the merchant Bernie Banks. Without warning the thunder of machine gun fire rings out. Explosions send debris cascading into the sky. The spray of blood and gun smoke intermingle and for our heroes…silence sweeps over them…the shadow of unconsciousness takes them all.


Light fades back in as the party slowly wakes back up. The sound of children playing in the distance. The scent of cook fires lingering just at the edge of your sense of smell. And a man sized tiger looming over you. “Hey some body get the Coach..I think their waking up.”. The Mascot calls back to some armed guards in LSU jerseys. “Hey calm down now no bodies gonna hurt ya ya’ll just hold up the Coach’ll be here soon.”.

It is not long before a weathered man in his forties comes to visit the laid up travelers. “Hey there, nice to see ya’ll feeling better. Sad to say ya friend didn’t make it though. Bernie had a bit to say ‘bout ya’ll for he passed.”. He sighs and leans on his knees a moment contemplating. “I think you all is exactly the folk we need right now. So as ya can see we found ya bleeding out and brought ya back. Can’t say what got the drop on ya but they seemed content taking what ya were bringing up and leaving. Now that bit of healing cut into our stock and I ain’t saying it wasn’t the christian thing to do but as we could use some help and maybe ya’ll be inclined to repay the favor?”.


Coach Stern goes on to explain that some people have been kidnapped by a radical religious group called the Scaled Flock. He goes on to ask for the groups help offering a small reward if they can return their citizens. He is open to some brief chit chat explaining the basics of Ville Libre and answering some questions. If the players don’t have any weapons after the ambush he offers them some loaners and a small parcel of ammo. From here the group can decide to help or find their own way.

The group decides to take up the job after exploring Ville Libre speaking with the general populace, Ghouls in the frat house and Coach Stern. They venture out to the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge where they believe the Scaled Flock took the kidnapped populace. On the way they encountered one of the Axe-men fending off a few bandits, a robot sentry looking for things Fennwood Hills would be interested in and finally avoided an ambush from one of the notorious Marsh Centaurs. The game ended with the group about to enter the hostile territory and seek out the victims.

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