Fallout: Baton Rouge

The Shopping Trip Pt 1

After returning home from Big Mamma’s House, The Freak Show enjoyed the spoils of that adventure by going to the Ghoul Fraternity next door for movie night. They were a bit shocked the the Show shared sweet tea and Wheeler pecan pie with them. They broke out some booze and some pretty awful weed, so Kaspar had to go get some of his and ended up offering to do their weed shopping for them so they could have something better than skag.

The following day, they group had a long discussion about what to do next. The car ended up being a long way off, much to Kaspar’s chagrin. Questions were asked around the college and while Kaspar harbors a tremendous desire to join the Brotherhood of Rust one day and ABEL is all about taking out Fenwood Hills who are currently skirmishing with the Brotherhood, it was decided that a great deal more preparation would be needed to accomplish that.

And even Kaspar recognizes that when someone says preparation, it always means caps.

A couple of jobs presented themselves. The first, somewhat less lucrative job, was a hospital supply run over at The Lady in the Lake hospital. The second, paying far, far more was a job to go to a library and get some computer chip for the college. The Freak Show devised a route to do both in a single run. Serena managed to navigate a good route, cutting the time down significantly, but they almost ran smack into an ambush.

The eight raiders managed to do some pretty significant wounds to ABEL and Louise. ABEL was able to fix himself up and Kaspar was able to patch up Louise, so they were able to enter the hospital as full strength as wastelanders are likely to get.

Inside, they immediately sensed some feral ghouls and it quickly devolved into a fight, Louise leading the charge in exterminating the gruesome, mindless creatures.



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