Louise Kerowae

Louise is a she-ghoul.


Agility: d6
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d10

Athletics: d4
Barter: d4
Speech: d6
Repair: d6
Guns: d6
Explosives: d4
Survival: d6
Lockpicking: d4
Knowledge (Ghouls): d4
Stealth: d6
Notice: d6 (+2)
Drive: d4

Charisma: -5
Pace: 6
Toughness: 7
Parry: 4

Fast Healer (pg. 36)
Warm Glow

Tag Skills:

Stubborn: (Minor)
Habit: (Minor) Cracks knuckles
Habit: (Major) Smokes

Starting money: $1,500
Remaining: $1455
(+$225 through quest completions, +$230 for animal husbandry book
+$150 for vault job, +$400 for establishing Zoo line)

First Level Up: Purchased Vigor d10
Second Level Up: Warm Glow Edge
Third Level Up: survival (d6), and notice (d6)
Fourth Level Up: Drive d4
Fifth Level Up: smarts d8


Rolling Blunder: 14 (3)
One wound

Kevlar Vest: 2\4
Weight: 8
Cost: 250
Covers torso only, negates 4AP

Steyr AUG (5.56): 24/48/96
2d8 ROF 3, 49 shots

9mm: 12/24/48
2d6, ROF 1, 37 shots

Shotgun: 12/24/48
1-3d6, ROF 1-2, 35 shots

Axe: Str+d6

Dagger: Str+d4

1 Fragmentation Grenade

12 bobby pins
Nuka Cola from Zoo
Stapler with staples
Scotch tape
Paper Clips
2 packs of cigarettes
Sunset Sasparilla
Flare Gun, two flares
50ft. Of nylon rope
5 Jet
100 caps
4 moonshine

In House Safe:

Famine: 50 caps, bottle of whiskey (four roses), colt .45, 18 rounds, survival knife, letter

Ghouls: 4 shotguns, leather armors, 65 caps

$400 pre war, 65 caps, 2 bottles vodka, 2 bottles whiskey, sealed container fresh shrimp, 3 soap, 2 purified waters, 4 jet,

Teddy Bear
Sugar Bombs
Sunset Sasparilla
Ghoul bobble head
Stuffed duck, beaver
Fancy Hairbrush

Technical Manual of Animal Husbandry First Edition (SOLD)

Louise Kerowae

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