Louise Kerowae

Louise is a she-ghoul.


Agility: d6
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d10
Strength: d4
Vigor: d10

Athletics: d4
Barter: d4
Speech: d6
Repair: d6
Guns: d6
Explosives: d4
Survival: d6
Lockpicking: d4
Knowledge (Ghouls): d4
Stealth: d6
Notice: d6 (+2)
Drive: d4

Charisma: -5
Pace: 6
Toughness: 9/11
Parry: 4

Fast Healer (pg. 36)
Warm Glow
Glowing One

Tag Skills:

Stubborn: (Minor)
Habit: (Minor) Cracks knuckles
Habit: (Major) Smokes

Starting money: $1,500
Remaining: $1455
(+$225 through quest completions, +$230 for animal husbandry book
+$150 for vault job, +$400 for establishing Zoo line)

First Level Up: Purchased Vigor d10
Second Level Up: Warm Glow Edge
Third Level Up: survival (d6), and notice (d6)
Fourth Level Up: Drive d4
Fifth Level Up: smarts d8
Sixth Level Up: Glowing One Edge


Rolling Blunder: 14 (3)
One wound

Kevlar Vest: 2\4
Weight: 8
Cost: 250
Covers torso only, negates 4AP

Steyr AUG (5.56): 24/48/96
2d8 ROF 3, 37 shots

9mm: 12/24/48
2d6, ROF 1, 37 shots

Shotgun: 12/24/48
1-3d6, ROF 1-2, 35 shots

Axe: Str+d6

12 bobby pins
Nuka Cola from Zoo
Stapler with staples
Scotch tape
Paper Clips
2 packs of cigarettes
Sunset Sasparilla
Flare Gun, two flares
50ft. Of nylon rope
12 Jet
100 caps
4 moonshine
Fishing Pole and stuff
Bait and tackle
Hip waiters
Stupid fishing hat
Sun glasses
10 person tent all weather
Inflatable raft
Air compressor
Unmarked case of bottles
Keys from skeleton
Louisiana cookbook
2 nuka colas
1 nuka cherry
2 stimpacks
4 bubblegum
1 explosive?

Vault 57:
2 canned tuna
Vault 57 suit

In House Safe:

Famine: 50 caps, colt .45, 18 rounds, survival knife, letter

Ghouls: 4 shotguns, leather armors, 65 caps

$400 pre war, 65 caps, 2 bottles vodka, 2 bottles whiskey, sealed container fresh shrimp, 3 soap, 2 purified waters,

Teddy Bear
Sugar Bombs
Sunset Sasparilla
Ghoul bobble head
Stuffed duck, beaver
Fancy Hairbrush

Technical Manual of Animal Husbandry First Edition (SOLD)

Louise Kerowae

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