Fallout: Baton Rouge

Big Mamma's House

The Freak Show moved into a house close to the ghoul fraternity. The neighbors were pretty darn gracious, what with lending tools and inviting the group over for movie night. Kaspar claimed the basement of the house for his own, now officially the stoner in the basement. The Super Mutant is the security system on the main level and the rest have spots up in the second floor.

After a few days of domestic bliss, the Freak Show decided to make a delivery. It was a pretty straight forward deal, take some stuff and drop said stuff off. On the way, they ran into some beat up sorts that were bitching and moaning about their cousin/brother/something being hauled off by robots. Robot parts are good caps, so we took off after them. We shot the metal heaps up and saved the young Super Mutant, delivering the wounded back to the family that they were making the delivery to.

It was an interesting little Clan. Seems that Super Mutants can actually birth more Supermutants on occasion. Kaspar was pretty intrigued by that revelation, although he wasn’t about to let on. He figures he’ll slip off and maybe talk with Big Momma about… certain services at another time.



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