Fallout: Baton Rouge

Who are you?

We're the people with the guns

After returning from a scouting mission, the Coach asked Kasper to go help out a rag tag bunch of former carvaaneers in helping freeing some captured folks. He’s a quick sort, so catching up with them wasn’t too difficult. He observed them from afar for a time, until he heard them thinking they might need lockpicks to get the kidnapees out of the cages.

If he were prone to retrospect, he might realize that he’s probably fortunate to be alive, what with sneaking up on a Super Mutant, Ghoul, Robodog, and woman with a damn Yao Guai. They didn’t kill him though, so no use in wasting time and brain cells on such deeper musings.

The group had a pretty complex plan that made the boy’s head spin some, with putting out fires and some machine precise plan. Kasper, unwilling to cotton on to the fact that he’s not so good with complexity, piped up with a simpler one that amounted to: Why don’t I go yonder, fire a few shots, get their attention, and when they come at me, you all get ’em?

The plan worked out pretty well. The Freak Show, as he affectionately thinks of the group, didn’t take any casualties, but the Scaly Cult wound up deadified. After harassing the folks that they rescued a little, Kasper went about looting the bodies while the rest of the Show picked the area clean. They managed a pretty sizable haul all said. By far one of the largest paydays Kaspar had seen in a while.

Combined with the reward from Coach, he was rolling in caps… which he promptly spent on camo and weed. In his defense, he did get a whole six-pack of Nuka Cola with the weed. That’s a far better way to make a better impression than sneaking up on the Freak Show. Everyone loves Nuka Cola after all. Except maybe robot dogs. Sadly, he couldn’t afford the gasoline or quart of oil, but he did hear of a pretty sweet area to scav from. With a steady supply of robot parts, he might even be able to make inroads with the Brotherhood of Rust.



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