The Zoo

The ruins of the Baton Rouge Zoo. Overrun with algae, kudzu and reeds it still attracts many of the vicious wildlife that make prey of the unwary. Locals have given it an almost haunted reputation making it even less appealing to those would be scavengers. Just north of The Refinery and close enough to the river for Scaled Flock to be a danger.

A recent discovery has revealed the Zoo was hiding one of the coveted vaults, Vault 55. An animal and plant science research division whose goal was to advance animal intelligence to increase yield for the post bomb era. Something happened in the last few years where the humans of the vault lost control and some of the advanced animals took over.

The vault is being ran by Overseer Blonde, a potted daffodil who speaks through a speaker connected to his vase. Research is headed by Dr.Gray, a lab coat wearing civet cat and Dr. Scarlet a near sighted brown pelican. Security is managed by a brown bear named Buzz.

The extra attention lately has caused them to keep their doors closed. Two entrances exist, a service elevator from animal admittance and a secret elevator hidden in the admin building. Overseer Blonde has started broadcasting from the vault readings from a collection of novels and security updates.

So far the fate of the vault’s human population is a mystery.

The Zoo

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